Inner Growth


“Working with Lezah is supportive, safe, challenging and empowering. I develop strengths within myself that enable me to live a more creative, proactive lifestyle. I recommend Lezah wholeheartedly!”

JulieAshland, Oregon

The work we’ve done these last few months is more grounded than what I’ve experienced before. It’s what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for the gentle, honest, loving, lighthearted way you assist me. Thank you for your powerful insight, suggestions, and energetic sensitivity and healing.

Dana - Lincoln, Nebraska

Thank you for such an accurate, poignant and inspiring session. I have a lot to think about.

KaraGrand Rapids, Michigan

Lezah is a gifted healer. She gently and powerfully assists in unraveling and healing the twisted, knotted threads of my past. She sees and listens deeply; she offers respectful guidance. I am especially grateful for the help in building a strong relationship with myself and consequently with my teenage daughter.

Debbie - Taos, New Mexico

I have made more progress in one year working with Lezah than the last twenty trying to overcome consistent depression and other burdens. Our sessions are fascinating, meaningful, and deeply efficient. Lezah’s gift is to listen and guide me straight to the hidden heart of the matter. I am grateful to be growing once again.

Nikoletta - Santa Cruz, Ca

In Lezah’s sessions, I feel doors and windows opening; a fresh breeze of understanding flows into my mind and spirit. I gain increased awareness, guidance. The result of a session is having greater awareness of how to change my thought patterns, or issues. Her insights are instructive and essential to my personal growth.

Lynne - Savannah, Georgia

It was so great to connect clearly, quickly and easily throughout our session. Life feels better with my focus and freedom already. Thank you!

LauraKauai, Hawaii

Since our wonderful session I have been implementing some new helpful behaviors for myself. Today I sent myself a love note on email. I’m enjoying the idea of marrying myself first and then being a truly good friend to my feelings. Thank you so much for the awesome way you work!

Renee’ - Bellingham, Washington



Awaken your Guidance, See your Path


If you're...

  • Unsure how to decide what to do next
  • Stuck and wanting more insight
  • Looking for guidance and a deeper understanding
  • Searching for fresh awareness and a new perspective
  • Seeking suggestions about how to proceed
  • Fearful or powerless about your circumstance
  • Hoping for a simple way to choose your path
  • Wanting to untangle your emotions and separate your feelings
  • Tired of crossing the line and not respecting your own boundaries
  • Out of control and craving balance and simplicity
  • Ready to make your decisions from inside yourself


The Inner Growth Energy Sessions

can help you turn things around

During your sessions,
I remove and help you clear your blocks, negative energy and frozen emotions. I deliver valuable insight about hidden issues, so you can see where you’re stuck and how to break free.

I help you navigate challenging relationships and situations with confidence. We find your power and connect you to your center, so you can live powerfully and peacefully.

I help you see the choices you have, and what can happen when you choose your path. We awaken your inner guidance and give you the tools to bring clarity to all your life decisions, as I assist you in balancing your life simply and forever.

It’s quicker than you think




Unlike counseling or psychotherapy, energy sessions can turn things around quickly. Instead of weeks or months of digging through your past, we’ll use my gifts and your intuition to change things for you in just a few sessions.

And I can help you wherever you are

We’ll meet over the phone. I can see your energy, and get you answers, no matter where you are in the world.

If you’d like to explore how Inner Growth Sessions can help you, email me for details on how we can work together to change your life.

Choose from the two styles of Inner Growth Sessions:

Intuitive Sessions: The outcome of an intuitive session is empowerment.

Intuitive + Energy Sessions: The blending of 2 styles, intuitive and energy mixed for their combined benefit of empowerment and clear consciousness.

If you’re not sure which is right for you, that’s no problem… I can guide you about which would be best for you.

How would you like to work with me?

We can work together in a single session or a package of 3 sessions for deeper, lasting transformation.


Single Session - $150

3 Sessions - $300 ($150 off)

Email me for sliding scale options